In the fast-paced life we have entered into, there are times when we need to stop and consider the profound lessons that we have become aware of. Last Saturday was one of those for me.

Every once in a while, there are those occasions that bring into focus some of the basic tenets that Christianity and many other religions of the world have in common. One is the tenet of forgiveness.

The article “Victims’ families put forgiveness first,” which appeared on Page A2 of the Portland Press Herald on June 20, caught my attention, as it was truly remarkable that after the tragic and heinous act of hatred of which Dylann Roof is accused, the families and members of the congregation of the Emanuel AME Church could be so forgiving.

The strength of their convictions and their faith are something we should all aspire to. In a world filled with hate, these devout Christians are able to find it in their hearts to live what they believe.

How many who attend any Christian church or other places of worship regularly could do the same? If you couldn’t, it might be time to examine your own religious beliefs. If you can’t, does that make you a hypocrite?

Today, the reaction toward people who have wronged us in some way seems to be more about revenge, retaliation or even holding grudges and resentments.

There are those among us who believe in performing simple acts of kindness, but this goes above and beyond that. In the struggle between good and evil, I am ever hopeful that good will prevail, and this was one of those occasions where I believe it did.

Roy Driver