Gov. LePage’s meddling to get House Speaker Mark Eves’ job offer rescinded from the Good Will-Hinckley School is yet more evidence of the governor’s petty, vindictive, tyrannical nature.

The dirty tricks and nasty invective hurled by LePage at his adversaries is appalling and completely inappropriate behavior for a head of state – not to mention his xenophobic rhetoric and disdain for the poor.

It has been particularly frustrating to witness LePage vetoing numerous sound and necessary bills for no other reason than to punish his opponents for not putting one of his referendums on the ballot.

I applaud the Maine Legislature for being able to come together in a bipartisan way to stand up to LePage by overriding his vetoes and fighting back against the rancor and divisiveness the governor has injected into Maine politics.

Shame on Gov. LePage for bringing Washington-style politics to the beautiful state of Maine.

Logan Puck