In Jack Dougherty’s recent letter on asylum seekers (“We should not turn a blind eye on plight of asylum seekers,” June 21), he suggests that “church leaders and the people in Maine stand up to Gov. LePage.”

First, can we please put an end to the “stand up” suggestions? In spite of what many in Portland and other southern Maine locations seem to not get, the people of Maine have spoken up. They voted to return the governor to a second term, and they knew exactly where he stood regarding this issue.

With regard to church leaders, I agree they should stand up and speak to their members. Most of us give, by choice, to our church or synagogue. We also give to help stamp out cancer, support the local Red Cross, help our wounded warriors and a plethora of other causes. These are causes we choose to support.

None of us willingly support the state. They, the governor and the Legislature, take money from us and decide how that money should be spent. We may not agree, but that is how the process works. This is why we have separation of church and state.

Now, if each minister, priest and rabbi in Maine can convince their flock to support one asylum-seeking family until they can get legal work, the humanitarian crisis will be averted.

Gary George