AUGUSTA — Maine voters will consider an $85 million bond proposal to fund improvements to the state’s roads and bridges.

Republican Gov. Paul LePage signed the bill on Wednesday. It will be on the November ballot.

It was one of two bond proposals passed by the Legislature this week. LePage has not yet taken action on the other measure, which would put $15 million toward building more affordable housing for seniors. LePage said he will veto the measure, which he called a “feel good” bill that is not needed because the Maine State Housing Authority already can issue bonds for senior housing projects, according to MPBN News.

Most of the money from the transportation bond would go toward building or rehabilitating highways and bridges. A total of $17 million is targeted for improvements to things like ports, harbors and passenger railroads.

Despite his vow to veto every bill, LePage has signed a handful and let several go into law without his signature.

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