SPRINGVALE — There were so many people who wanted to see the film “The Town That Refused to Die” during the Sanford International Film Festival that one showing morphed into two.

And still, not everyone who wanted to see the 1955 hour-long film was able to. So there’s going to be another screening, on July 23 at 7 p.m., at the Sanford Springvale Historical Museum.

The film, an Armstrong Circle Theater production, aired Nov. 29, 1955.

“The story is about the efforts of our Chamber of Commerce to attract new industries and businesses to Sanford following the closure of Goodall-Sanford in 1954,” said Historical Society President Harland Eastman. “Professional actors portrayed Carl Broggi, Ed Ballenger and other local personages but there is much footage of local scenes including Main Street, the buildings that once housed Goodall-Sanford, and the Congregational Church.”

Eastman said the film was once thought lost, but was tracked down by H. Allen Mapes ”“ who himself was part of the effort to attract new business and industry to town following the demise of the mills.

It first aired May 28 at the museum, and so many people wanted to see it that evening that there was a second showing.

Eastman said the July 23 screening is for those who missed the earlier showings or would like to see it again.

The screening is free.

The Historical Museum is located at 505 Main Street, is handicapped accessible and is air conditioned.

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