Kate Hall of Casco, a high school track star who has Type 1 diabetes, testified Wednesday in Washington, D.C., before a special Senate Committee on Aging.

The hearing, led by Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, was held to examine the challenges of living and aging with Type 1 diabetes. The hearing was held in conjunction with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Children’s Congress.

Hall and Isabelle Levesque, a 10-year-old from Arundel who also has Type 1 diabetes, were among several “key witnesses” who testified, said a press release issued by Collins.

Hall, who recently broke a 39-year-old national high school long jump record, told the committee that managing her diabetes is an essential part of her training. She has to check her blood sugar levels several times while training, and during competitions.

Hall said she is determined to make sure that diabetes will never stop her from doing the things she loves the most. She uses a continuous glucose monitor.

Watch video of Kate Hall, Isabella Levesque and others testifying before the Special Committee on Aging.  (Levesque’s testimony begins at the 36:53 mark; Hall’s testimony begins at the 46:45 mark.)