BIDDEFORD — The University of New England recently announced its partnership with Bangor Savings Bank to create an online professional development program.

“Leaders from academia and business must do more to help young professionals develop the competencies they will need to keep up with the demands of this rapidly changing landscape,” UNE President Danielle Ripich was quoted saying in a press release. “We must work together to cultivate potential leaders and lay the groundwork for their success as employees.”

The goal of the pilot program is to combine education and business to benefit the community as a whole. Students will be able to engage in integrated learning experiences, Bangor Savings Bank will employ a variety of resilient, innovative workers, and the state of Maine will benefit from an enhanced retention rate of young professionals, the release states,.

“We are so pleased to work with the University of New England, an extraordinary institution,” Bangor Savings Bank President and CEO Robert Montgomery Rice was quoted saying. “The progressive thinking of UNE’s leadership has helped bring to life a model that will serve both our organizations and the State of Maine for many years to come. At Bangor Savings Bank, we will continue to look for opportunities like this to contribute to the vibrancy of our state through workforce development.”