I live in the Boston area, and my grandson lives in Bangor. So I loved Gerald Mylroie’s suggestions for improved public transit systems that will help me travel from Boston to Bangor to see him (“Maine Voices: Expand rail, other public transport to fight climate change, grow economy,” June 26).

Mylroie’s proposal will also help town centers attract customers, businesses thrive, the state economy develop and will reduce emissions, thus fighting climate change.

There’s just one problem with his plan: As long as fossil fuel users are allowed to emit harmful pollutants for free, your governor won’t have incentives to sign such legislation.

When Congress enacts national legislation to charge fossil fuel producers a fee for their fuels’ carbon content, everyone will clamor for emissions-free transportation options. Everyone, even the governor, will be on board.

Readers should please urge Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to introduce bipartisan carbon-fee legislation into Congress and require that revenues be rebated to the public.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby spent two days recently meeting with all members of Congress in Washington, and we found the support for climate legislation has grown during the last year.

Please train your sights on carbon legislation, and then roadblocks to Mylroie’s proposal will fall away.

Judy Weiss

Brookline, Massachusetts