OLD ORCHARD BEACH — The Town Council is considering an ordinance that would impose residency restrictions for convicted sex offenders. The council will vote on the proposed ordinance on Aug. 4.

According to information from the state’s sex offender registry website, though state law does not include restrictions on where registered sex offenders can live, cities and towns can choose to create ordinances limiting where convicted sex offenders can live within their municipality. Should a municipality choose to adopt such an ordinance, it can only apply to sex offenders convicted of Class A, B or C crimes against children under the age of 14. Class A, B, and C crimes are those punishable by more than one year of prison.

The ordinance proposed by the town would require convicted sex offenders in the above mentioned category live at least 750 feet from schools, parks and athletic fields. Should the town pass the proposed ordinance in August, it won’t apply to convicted sex offenders who already live in the town.

A public hearing on the proposed ordinance held Tuesday night received little input from the public.

Town Manager Larry Mead said it was “a proactive” proposal. Mead said after South Portland and Biddeford adopted local ordinances enforcing residency restrictions for convicted sex offenders, Police Chief Dana Kelley reviewed state law and asked that the council consider the proposed local ordinance, which has been reviewed by the town attorney.

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