Following a business trip to Singapore, I was never so happy until I made it back to my camp house on Balch Lake and all set to go fishing. However, when I got to my boat, there it floated in the water without a motor as my motor had been stolen.

After a call to the York County Sheriff’s Office, I was not certain what to expect in terms of follow-up because of the vast size of York County ”“ 750 square miles ”“ and the fact that due to budget cuts, their staff of four is maxed out.

To my chagrin, a detective arrived at my camp in less than 40 minutes. After going over the facts and getting vital information from me (make, model, VIN) he was on his way. To my amazement, later that evening, he called and had a possible suspect under investigation. The next day, my motor was returned.

I want to extend my gratitude to the entire York County Sheriff’s Department. They work hard and long hours for all of us and their service and dedication to the State of Maine is excellent.

Murray Wigsten, West Newfield