Pictures and paintings fill the walls around me, each representing a different part of Maine. Pieces of art big and small either sit gently on the floor or hang proudly on the wall. Frames border the gorgeous pieces that appear honored to be chosen and looked at over and over by interested eyes.

A sculpture called “Grotto” by Lauren Fensterstock stands out from the rest. This sculpture is made of wood, wire, paper, glue, shells and plastic. The shells on this sculpture, taken from an old Chinese restaurant are especially engaging. The sculpture is black and looks like tangled seaweed with shells hiding inside. “Grotto” crawls down the wall, helping to create this look of seaweed. “Grotto” is nearly 7 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

This is a very unique piece of artwork, because most of the other pieces on the wall are framed paintings or pictures. “Grotto” stands out from the others. This piece is unique because it does not sit of the floor or on a stand, but hangs on the wall with no frame immediately drawing the eyes of museum visitors. The details Lauren Fensterstock put into the artwork were really interesting. When you see this sculpture it makes you feel happy and sad. Since the artwork is black, it made the sculpture feel sad and dark, but the sculpture has seashells, which makes a smile grow on your face as you think about the Maine seashore.

“Grotto” by Lauren Fensterstock is on display at the Portland Museum of Art, along with many other pieces of artwork by Maine artists. You will not be disappointed if you take the time to visit the museum and view this piece.

Emma Moll, 12, is from Yarmouth.

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