The Portland Museum of Art exhibit “Director’s Cut” has paintings, sketches and sculptures. Each work of art hangs on the wall or stands on the floor. Color from the paintings brightens up the rooms. All of the pieces tell their own story about Maine. Each floor or room has a theme.

On the first floor, there were a lot of bright pictures, and they were all very realistic. On the third floor it was a darker theme. Lots of the art was black but still had that Maine feel to it. Susan was the docent who showed us around and told us some history about the art.

All of the art was marvelous and outstanding, but there were a few that grabbed attention. A piece by Lauren Fensterstock called “Grotto” was made out of wood, seashells, plastic and other materials. “Grotto” looked like a bunch of different things, such as summer icicles. It looked exactly like icicles except that the icicles were black and had seashells and seaweed covering it. If “Grotto” were flipped over, it would have looked like an underwater castle like in “The Little Mermaid” but much scarier. Another piece that draws you in is called “Shipwreck.” The art was simply a black square inside a bigger orange square with a little white hidden dot. Though the piece didn’t look like much, it left your brain thinking. It makes you confused by how a person would see a shipwreck as those squares.

Tons of displays at Portland Museum of Art open your mind and make you think. Portland Museum of Art is a magnanimous place to visit and see Maine in a whole new way.

Lily Davis, 12, is from Bowdoinham.

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