Thumbs up to the Sanford Mainers and their All-Star Game Committee for putting on quite a show at Goodall Park even with Mother Nature wiping out the actual game. The best players in the New England Collegiate Baseball League ”“ along with all of the fans ”“ were treated to a great day of baseball, food and fun thanks to the committee’s hard work. Everyone who made the trip to Sanford for the event was impressed with the venue and the way things were run all day long.

Thumbs up to the Saco Police Department for the addition of a digital fingerprint scanner. The acquisition came at no cost to taxpayers, and will make booking operations much more efficient. Other communities, like Biddeford, already had scanning systems in place.

Thumbs down to some of the residents of Kennebunkport at the Planning Board meeting on Wednesday, who reacted disproportionately to the proposed Grist Mill Museum project on North Street. This included one resident who read a quote that originally referenced Nazi Germany. The grist mill and museum project may indeed impact the character of the neighborhood and the environment, and the planning board may choose to reject the application on those grounds. However, characterizations of the project need to be kept in perspective.

Thumbs down to the Biddeford councilors who voted against allowing the consumption of alcohol at special events on city property. The measure was championed by the Heart of Biddeford, who wished to serve alcohol at the upcoming River Jam Festival in Mechanics Park. While several councilors argued there is no place for alcohol on city property, it is our stance that alcohol, when served in a responsible manner, can attract more people to certain events, making them more successful. The key is responsibility ”“ no one is advocating a drunkfest.

Thumbs up to the City of Sanford for taking the initiative to pave Cottage Street ”“ Route 202 ”“ as a maintenance measure. Route 202 is a state road, but the state transportation department has said action on the road is unlikely until 2018. The city stepped up and said it can’t wait that long. and is putting down a 3/4 inch coating of pavement to tide it over until the state is able to do more. The paving project, from hospital hill to river Street, starts Monday, if the weather cooperates.