Sen. Angus King has done a great service to all Mainers with his video describing how early detection of his two cancers, most recently prostate cancer, has helped him seek treatment when it is most effective.

Maine unfortunately has an above-average prostate cancer rate, with approximately 1,400 men being diagnosed every year and almost 200 men dying.

Prostate cancer has no or few symptoms early on, so feeling fine is an awful excuse to avoid testing. We urge men to talk to their doctors to discuss the importance of not flying blind with a disease that claims over 30,000 lives in the United States every year.

The Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer is a band of brothers willing to answer any and all questions. We are available online at; toll-free at 855-552-7200, ext. 800, for confidential conversations, and at monthly meetings held in six locations around the state.

Michael Mahan

board member, Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer