I have just read Pope Francis’ encyclical letter, “On Care for Our Common Home,” in which he addresses climate change and the “ecological sins” we have committed against our earth and all its inhabitants.

In his intelligent and moving letter, he compels us to acknowledge the rapid change in climate that is destroying our earth and everything that depends on it. And he asks each of us, as individuals, communities and nations, to take responsibility and action.

You don’t need to be a Catholic or religious to be moved by Pope Francis’ letter. You only need to be a concerned person who loves this world.

I am a mother and grandmother who wants a future for the next generations.

I’m a nurse who understands that health is directly affected by what we breathe, drink, consume, see and hear.

And I am a nature lover who believes that the earth, sky, water and other species are all valuable parts of a larger system, a system we humans rely on for our own survival and happiness.

It’s important that we make a difference with our own actions. And we must speak up!

Elizabeth Tibbetts