I have recently learned of a tremendous program through United Way of York County. The annual program, Tools for Schools, accepts registrations from families who have children in need of school supplies.

The registration is done online at buildcommunity.org/ sign-now-receive-supplies or by calling 985-3359. The deadline is Aug. 15.

Supplies will include pencils, paper, erasers, ruler, glue, markers, three-ring binders and much more. Backpacks will be available on a limited basis as well.

It’s not right that kids have to worry that they may not have these basic necessities and be embarrassed if they show up at school without them.

I find that this free program is not widely known in Old Orchard Beach, where the need is great for many children in all school grades.

I hope that neighbors, camp counselors, friends, co-workers and others will share the program information and that parents will participate for the benefit of children.

It would be great for kids to have a backpack full of new school supplies so they are ready to learn at the start of the school year.

Lisa Jessick

Old Orchard Beach