On June 30, I was riding my bicycle westbound on Sawyer Street in South Portland.

Upon hearing an approaching car from behind, I moved from the center of the lane to the far right (next to the white line).

As the car pulled even with me, the driver continually inched over to his right – forcing me to ride up on the sidewalk, lose control of my steering and crash into a low stone wall parallel with the sidewalk. The impact cut open my right leg.

There was no other traffic in either direction before or after this incident. At the time, I was proceeding in the right-hand lane and was wearing brightly colored clothing as well as a green neon safety vest and gold bike helmet.

The point of this letter is to remind all of us to pay attention to what is happening on the road. Drivers, allow 3 feet between your car and a bicyclist. Bike riders, please obey traffic laws and stop lights as if you were driving a car. Accidents do happen.

Mary Lancey

South Portland