Randy Billings’ article in the July 29 Portland Press Herald (“Portland to unveil 2 more downtown charging stations for electric vehicles”) piqued my interest.

It seems a $50,000 private grant was awarded to develop these charging stations in Central Maine Power’s territory. Additional funding to complete, maintain and supply electricity to these facilities would come from the municipality they are installed in.

The article also noted that priority parking spaces were assigned for these new electric vehicles that would be using these charging stations.

So, what is wrong with this picture? Is it proper for taxpayers’ money to be used to support the fuel expense of such a small group of citizens – particularly if they are from another community?

I have yet to find a “top off your tank” station in any municipal garage or parking area for my gas-powered vehicle.

If citizens chose to use an electric vehicle – and well they should – there should be a “charging meter” similar to parking meters, which would accept cash for the service being offered.

Donald E. Davis