The gun control crowd will soon be clamoring for more gun control despite Gov. LePage signing into law the bill making it optional to get a concealed-carry permit.

Gun control will never happen, though a small, very vocal and passionate anti-gun group will loudly demand it, and the pandering politicians will echo their plaintive cries.

The liberal Legislature in New York state passed the NY SAFE Act in 2013, demanding that all owners of assault-type guns register them or face jail time.

The legislators touted it as a law enforcement measure in case the guns were stolen. Gun owners logically saw it as the first step toward confiscation.

Ninety-five percent of gun owners in New York state refused to comply. Law enforcement agencies tasked with enforcing the new law have openly refused to participate.

In Connecticut, a law mandating the registration of semi-automatic rifles found 85 percent of gun owners defiantly refusing. The few arrests were in conjunction with other legal actions.

What do you suppose would happen in Maine? In the 1960s, it would be called “civil disobedience”; in the 1800s, an “insurrection”; in the 1700s, it would be a “rebellion.”

Tom Stonehouse