Whenever child rape accusations emerge in any community, the reaction becomes everything to the case. It establishes the direction of proceedings and investigation. It sets the tone of either disbelief, or that of determined victory over the problem. When a municipality is involved, however, the initial reaction can appear to take on a life of its own.

The lack of urgency and care given to the latest of many accusations of child rape by Biddeford police officers (who are no longer employed there) is unlike anything I have ever seen outside of Penn State.

When a mayor or police chief takes a report of the rape of a child, their reaction certainly ought to be greater than “I’ll get back to you.”

Due urgency is key to protecting the children of today, even if the reported crime took place 15 years ago.

Pedophiles never stop, especially if they have been getting away with it for their entire lives. They offend in series, regardless of their age. Any reaction short of immediate investigation and arrest becomes its own crime.

The failure of any adult to report the alleged sexual assault of a child is already an abhorrent crime, but make that person a sworn official, and you have a genuine legal crisis at hand. Now consider that the accused perpetrators are former police officers, and you have loss of public trust.

Biddeford has a crisis of cover-up going on in City Hall that will astound this nation and put the city to shame.

The apparent obstruction by the city’s elected and sworn protectors is amplifying the impact of the child rape accusations, to the devastation of the city. It’s time for the voters to purge the entire government.

Robert Brown

child safety advocate and activist

Hampstead, N.H.

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