The Aug. 6 front page informed us of two women losing their lives while walking along roads with adequate shoulders: one in Harpswell and the other in York. The victims were hit by young women in oversized vehicles, identified as a Nissan Titan pickup and an SUV.

The last time I went car shopping I tried out a couple of SUVs and decided against them because at just 5 feet, 2 inches tall, I simply couldn’t see well enough past their huge, high hoods.

Those two young drivers will suffer the rest of their lives for these incidents, and two other dear women are lost to us forever – all because of the American obsession with vehicle size over common sense.

These vehicles get just 13 mpg in city driving. Why, when changing climate is causing ever-more-destructive storms and other damage, is this magnitude of carbon emission even legal? Why are there no legal limits on personal vehicle size and weight?

American greed and arrogance are as much to blame for these deaths as are the drivers.

Jane King