I could not agree more with Wayne Richardson’s column regarding the new law that allows concealed carry without a permit (“Maine Voices: Concealed-carry permit holder exposes danger of weakened law,” Aug. 7).

Like him, I have a permit and do carry when I think I might be in harm’s way, which is not often.

It only makes sense that persons carrying concealed firearms should be required to pass a background check. It makes no sense that criminals and those with mental health issues are allowed to possess or carry firearms.

On another note, I own a pistol that I bought at a gun show in Augusta a few years ago. All I had to do to be allowed to buy it was to show a Maine driver’s license to prove that I was a resident of this state.

There are no records of this purchase because it was a cash transaction between me and the former owner. He was, in fact, a gun dealer, but by making all of his purchases in his own name, he can sell them at gun shows as a private sale, which requires no records.

I think all transfers of ownership of firearms should require a background check and a record of the change of ownership.

Bill Foley