Re: “Reunions go on for Portland High School class of 1945, even as cast dwindles” (Aug. 11):

I was a member of the class of 1945 at Portland High School for my freshman year, but my family moved to Scarborough, so I am a member of the class of 1945 of Scarborough High School.

The classes of 1945 everywhere have a small distinction: We coincided with World War II.

On a Monday morning in December 1941, we were told about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Some 3½ years later – about a month before we graduated – V-E Day occurred, and Japan surrendered in August.

The class of 1945 of Scarborough High School originally had about 35 members. Twenty-five years ago, we had a committee of about eight classmates who made the arrangements and planned a program for our class dinners each year.

We gradually lost classmates over the years, and we decided that we were more attuned to lunch rather than evening activities. Our committee now consists of Daisy Higgins, Elaine Killelea and me, and we have luncheons twice a year.

We don’t have a program anymore – we just socialize. We had a very nice class luncheon at DiMillo’s in May and will meet again somewhere in September.

Of the 35 original members of the class, our mailing list now has 13 names, with two classmates who live far away. We had 10 classmates at our luncheon in May. Some of us turned out to be tough old birds and are still pretty spry at 87.

David W. Knudsen