Re: “Barney Frank: Deal better than no nuclear agreement with Iran” (Aug. 2):

Barney Frank doesn’t address what I believe is the real motive of the Iranians.

Sanctions have crippled their economy and put a large majority of their young citizens out of work. This pact will lift those sanctions and quiet their young citizens.

The agreement lasts for only about a decade, and during that time Iran will become stronger in many ways. They will not cease their funding of Hamas and Hezbollah to do damage with their terrorist activities. In fact, the pact will strengthen the terrorists! Iran can continue to do damage to Israel without atomic weapons and also become stronger in the region. Of course, there will be inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities. But are there ones hidden underground we know nothing about?

Iran has never lived up to any agreement in the past. It is a theocracy and will never give up on wanting to be the supreme power in the region and to, at some time, push the Jews into the sea. Iran’s religious leaders have even said this now in spite of what their politicians have agreed to.

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain thought he could stop Adolf Hitler. He was wrong – and look at the results.

This time, the results may be what Carl Sagan called a “nuclear winter,” where no sun will be able to shine on our planet and the results will be the end for all of us.

I respect Barney Frank, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, but they are sadly wrong. I fear for my children’s and grandchildren’s future because I know in my heart and soul that a nuclear exchange between Iran and Israel is in the future for certain and all of the world will pay the price with a nuclear winter.

John J. Golding