Merriconeag Waldorf School in Freeport has changed its name to Maine Coast Waldorf School, school officials announced in a press release on Tuesday.

Founded in 1984, Merriconeag serves 240 students from early childhood through high school. The Freeport school on Desert Road provides education through eighth grade, and Merriconeag has its high school on the Pineland campus in New Gloucester.

Christine Sloan, school administrator, said that the name change is intended to reflect the school’s role as an educational and cultural hub in the area.

“For three decades our school has enriched the lives of Maine families with a time-tested education and an engaging community atmosphere,” Sloan said. “This name change reflects a spirit of openness, inclusion and a growing engagement with the surrounding communities. Maine Coast Waldorf School provides an education built upon a century-old approach, but we deliver that education with a clear sense of the here and now.

“Waldorf education fosters independent thinking, creative problem solving, and a sense of connection to equip students for future challenges, while inspiring the m to create their own opportunities,” she said. “Our program takes full advantage of our Maine location to offer a contemporary expression of Waldorf principles.”

In addition to the name change, Merriconeag will launch a redesigned website and new marketing materials shortly.

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