PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — An Iowa team advanced to the Little League Softball World Series semifinals Tuesday by beating a team forced into a tiebreaker after it was accused of deliberately losing a game.

The Central Iowa team beat South Snohomish Washington 3-2 in a rematch ordered by the tournament after receiving reports that some teams “did not play with the effort and spirit appropriate” for Little League play.

The dispute arose after the Washington team was no-hit Monday by a team from Salisbury, North Carolina. The loss created a three-way tie for the Pool B title, meaning that Washington and North Carolina would advance to the semifinals and the Polk City, Iowa, team would not.

Chris Chadd, the president of the Central Iowa Little League, told the Des Moines Register he believed the Washington team basically “threw the game.” He said he thought Washington was trying to avoid a rematch with Iowa in the semifinals.

Instead, Snohomish was forced to face the Iowans in Tuesday’s tiebreaker. Pitcher Mikayla Houge had 11 strikeouts for Iowa, which held onto the lead from the third inning on to earn a spot in a semifinal game set for later Tuesday.

Officials from both Washington and Iowa did not respond to emailed requests for comment from the Associated Press.

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