AUGUSTA — Be on the lookout for door-todoor energy sales people who may be misrepresenting themselves as Central Maine Power Co. employees, according to a news release from the company.

CMP, which is a subsidiary of Iberdrola USA, is asking the Maine Public Utilities Commission and the Maine Attorney General’s Office to investigate the door-to-door marketing practices of one energy supplier seeking to enroll customers in the utility’s service area, according to the release.

The company said it has received numerous customer complaints about salespeople misrepresenting themselves as working for or on behalf of CMP who were demanding to see copies of customers’ CMP bills, and were providing false and misleading information about energy prices.

“CMP is not affiliated with any energy supplier, and we do not have people going door-to-door demanding customers produce their bill,” said Gail Rice, spokesperson for CMP. “We want to warn our customers they are under no obligation to provide account details or any personal information to any sales representative, no matter how persistent or aggressive that representative becomes.”

Since March 1, 2000, Maine electric utility customers have been able to choose their energy supply company that the MPUC licenses. This summer’s request marks only the second time that CMP has formally asked the MPUC to look into the practices of an energy supplier. The utility withdrew a prior complaint after working out issues with the supplier.

CMP also sought action from the Attorney General’s office because that agency enforces laws related to deceptive trade practices.

Customers who believe they’ve been subjected to an energy supplier’s deceptive sales practices should call the MPUC at 800-452-4699. To file a complaint on line, go to mpuc/consumer/file_ complaint. shtml.

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