1.    Photos must be from a party or social gathering.

2.    Photo subjects should be looking at the camera and smiling. We do not accept action shots.

3.    If guests are seated at a table, please ask them to stand before taking their picture.

4.    Each person in the picture must be identified from left to right, including any information you want to add about organization affiliations (trustees, volunteers, etc.).

5.    There should be at least 2 people in the photo but no more than 5.

6.    Include the name and date of the party and the name of the photographer, unless you’d prefer the images to be credited as “contributed photos.”


7.    Photos from the same event should not feature any particular guest more than once.

8.    Due to space constraints, only photos with five or fewer people will be accepted. However, there must be at least two people in each image.

9.    Photos should be the original size from the camera. Do not resize your photos as we need higher resolution photos for print.

10.    As soon as possible (but not later than two weeks after the event), attach all photos, captions and related information to one email and send to Leslie Bridgers at lbridgers@pressherald.com Be sure to include the name of the event in the subject line.

11.    Should you be unable to include all your photos in one email, be sure to include a list in your first email that matches the photo captions to the names of the files.

12.    Include in your email a phone number where you can be reached during the day.

Contributed photos are posted online weekly at pressherald.com/scene-heard.

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