Susan Maasch Fine Art, 4 City Center in Portland, features a new exhibit of paintings and photography by DM Witman, David Caras and Kiki Gaffney.

Witman is a visual artist and educator who works in photographic media. Her exhibit, “Melt,” features images of some of the world’s snowiest peaks. According to her artist’s statement, “A selected number of the exhibition images are created to be ephemeral, fading over the course of the exhibition invoking a sense of change and drawing attention to the dynamic state we all live within.” Visitors are encouraged to view the fading snow peaks over time, drawing awareness to our changes in world climate.

Another exhibit, “The Cuba Portfolios,” features photos by Caras of his travels to Cuba and his love and appreciation of iconic Cuban cars. Some of his recent images include entranceways of old buildings. “Each building has its own system of electrical power boxes, patched together in the ever-resourceful Cuban way. They are actually very functional spaces: visually rich, raw and complex, only hinting at the lives carried on within, past and present,” Caras writes.

Gaffney’s “Patterns in Nature,” are paintings in oil and graphite. Her work encompasses visual patterns of her surroundings, particularly those that follow some type of order or repetition, such as wallpaper or street grids. “I am drawn to the symmetry and sequence in these designs because, in some way, they reflect the stability we look for in our lives,” she writes.

The exhibit runs through Oct. 31. The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday or by appointment. For more information about the artists or gallery, call 747-5045 or go to