After reading the obituary of Leon Gorman, I was saddened but full of admiration for this amazing son of Maine.

An old lady Mainer, I have always been aware of the iconic company, which symbolizes the best in outdoor living and recreation. I can still remember walking up those creaky old stairs in the original building before it was transformed.

However, I was ignorant of the man behind this successful enterprise.

He transformed his company with his business acumen, and he personified those Maine qualities of economy, hard work, shrewdness, modesty and integrity. He knew his product, and he knew his customers.

I loved the fact that as a busy man, he volunteered at Preble Street serving breakfast every Wednesday. That certainly says something about the humanity of the man.

“Passion” is an overused word, but Mr. Gorman was passionate about serving Maine, contributing to good causes and leaving a legacy that we all admire. Men like him are in short supply in this world.

Anne H. Russell