Portland is a remarkable city. I grew up here. Raised my kids here. Built a business here. It’s an exciting place to live.

But I am also concerned. Drug use is on the rise. Our schools don’t seem as strong as they were when I was growing up. Homelessness is a huge problem. Traffic is becoming almost unbearable.

But I do feel like our current leadership is not focused on what needs to be fixed, only on what is working. That is why I am supporting Ethan Strimling for mayor of Portland.

I have known Ethan for over two decades from when he first took over as director of LearningWorks (then Portland West). It was an invaluable organization when he took it over, but it also had issues.

By bringing people together, listening to their needs and providing vision, he built this fledgling neighborhood advocacy group into a professional not-for-profit that educates thousands of Portlanders a year.

I believe Ethan can and will provide this same vision and leadership for this city we all love. Please join me in supporting him this fall.

Annette Elowitch