With less than three months before an important city election, let me explain where I stand.

This election will cast two well-known candidates, Michael Brennan and Ethan Strimling, whom I’ve known for many years throughout politics, etc.

After talking with people within City Hall and outside, and asking myself, “Why have so many good people have left office or the state?” I’ve had to figure this one out, and I have.

The best candidate, overall, for the office of Portland mayor and for the people of Portland is Ethan Strimling.

Throughout the years, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People could always count on Ethan Strimling to help us, speak and raise needed funds. He was always a good state legislator and CEO of LearningWorks, which has touched so many lives.

In other words, he also knows how to build from the inside out and make it work.

Vote on Nov. 3 for Ethan Strimling.

Gerald E. Talbot

former Democratic state representative