CONCORD, N.H. — The New Hampshire Liquor Commission is banning the sale of powdered alcohol at its 78 stores statewide, citing concerns about it getting into the hands of minors.

The commission has also issued an order banning shipments of powdered alcohol into New Hampshire.

Commission chairman Joseph Mollica said the commission is concerned about potential consumption by minors and liability issues for restaurant and bar owners if patrons sneak in powdered alcohol.

According to the liquor commission, New Hampshire joins 25 states that have permanently or temporarily banned powdered alcohol.

A New Hampshire legislative study commission is looking into powdered alcohol and is considering an outright ban on the possession of powdered alcohol. Such a ban would require legislative approval.

“The New Hampshire Liquor Commission is committed to ensuring the safety of all New Hampshire residents and we believe the potentially significant public health concerns of powdered alcohol outweigh any benefit,” said Mollica. “NHLC is committed to ensuring the products we offer are safe, and powdered alcohol carries several risk factors, including the strong possibility of underage consumption of alcohol.”

James Wilson, head of the commission’s enforcement division, said powdered alcohol could lead to more instances of alcohol poisoning and impaired driving.

“Powdered alcohol can also be added into foods, which creates a risk for inadvertent consumption by youths or other unsuspecting people,” Wilson said.