M.D. Harmon (“Gay-marriage law raises thorny issues for faithful Christians,” Sept. 11) asserts that Kim Davis can’t resign her office as clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, without conceding that “a tiny group of lawyers swayed by popular movements holds control over something her Christian faith has always held to be established by divine decree and upheld by natural law.”

This is an awfully familiar argument – wasn’t it used to defend slavery? The fact that others don’t subscribe to Mr. Harmon’s Old Testament views shouldn’t upset any possible agreement with the New Testament, which is, after all, where Christianity dwells.

Jesus never condemned homosexuals or said they shouldn’t partake of normal relations with others, so why Mr. Harmon believes that his particular belief should hold sway in the application of law is beyond me.

If Kim Davis refuses to uphold the law that her position calls for, she should resign – it is as simple as that.

J.T. Nichols