My wife of 63 years recently passed away, having lived a full and productive life.

Besides being a wife, mother to three and grandmother of four, Phyllis pursued a career initially as an occupational therapist, and then as a public health director and consultant.

Her life’s work was in schools for handicapped children, hospitals for the mentally ill and agencies dealing with substance and domestic abuse. Her most satisfying achievement was founding the Women’s Project, providing much-needed assistance for women addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Phyllis was only one of thousands of Maine health care providers, first responders and social workers who serve their communities with unassuming dignity and compassion.

Their everyday efforts are not often reported by the media. They are content with a simple “thank you” from an appreciative patient or client.

The callous policies of the LePage administration in cutting funds for the vital services they perform was a source of frustration and anger to Phyllis, even as she suffered the pain of her life-ending illness.

Furthering their own selfish political ends, Gov. LePage and Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew abandoned the segment of our population most in need of assistance. Phyllis and her colleagues did the best they could with the meager funds they were allotted.

Phyllis may be gone, but her spirit will continue to provide inspiration for her colleagues to continue the good work, no matter the obstacles.

Today, when we are struggling with a heroin overdose epidemic, the expertise of these experienced professional is needed more than ever, contrary to the opinion of administration officials.

We can all be proud of our family members, friends and neighbors who unselfishly serve our state. If only LePage and his followers shared in our pride.

Sam Kamin