I have an idea: Let’s ban people from using the power of government to force their “save the world” ideas on the rest of us.

Now they’re after plastic bags. Apart from the fact that these “single”-use bags are very reusable (trash can liners, car litter bag, tidying up after the doggy on your daily walk, etc., etc.), they are a convenient, efficient and effective way to get products from the store to your home, and they amount to next to nothing by weight or volume going over to be recycled at the trash-to-energy plant.

I see this as much more than just the inconvenience of not being able to use a container that I find handy. I see this as another chip out of our basic freedoms, and I don’t see where it ends.

How free are we if some government functionary can start making such basic choices for us? Do you really think a ban on bags will be the end of this?

What will be the next product, service, idea, book or information outlet to be banned because it has fallen out of favor with the enviro/thought/PC police? Maybe one you use. Maybe one you make or sell. But one thing’s for sure: There will be a next thing, and its loss will be another ding on your freedom to make choices for yourself.

The last decade or so has already seen us taken way down George Orwell’s road to paradise, and each of these little bans just pushes us that much further along. I hope people stand up and say enough is enough and ban these bans.

Anthony Garrity

West Newfield