We need to rein in Portland’s runaway development approval process.

The Planning Board, with misinformation from a pro-development-at-any-cost planning staff, unanimously recommended allowing development at the Portland Co. site that will block treasured public views, without even knowing what the owner plans for the 10-acre site.

City councilors, except David Marshall and Kevin Donoghue, approved the zoning change that enabled the redevelopment, breaking faith with Portland’s 2004 commitment to protect the iconic panoramic view of the working harbor.

The well-drafted Yes on 2 initiative will limit allowable heights on the Portland Co. site to those recommended in 2004, to preserve the public’s view.

It establishes a process to protect a handful of other distinctive views, with council approval. And it requires an applicant for a zone change to share its concept plans.

It’s limited in scope. There are no nasty unintended consequences. Please join me in voting yes on 2.

Denise Preisser