I have reached the end of my tolerance for distracted drivers lost in cellphone conversations, and especially those idiots who stubbornly continue to text while driving on the highway, city streets and when stopped at intersections!

I have followed drivers while on 295, their heads bowed forward in heavy traffic, driving under the speed limit, totally oblivious to the danger they’re creating by their insane behavior behind the wheel.

I’ve experienced distracted drivers swerving into opposite travel lanes, heads and eyes looking down, most likely toward their phones. Smart? Certainly not. (Pun intended.)

I see drivers just sitting at intersections when traffic lights change. Others mindlessly make wide turns into parking lots, phones fused to their thick skulls. Etc., etc.

Lately, for pure self-preservation, I’ve found myself paying nearly as much attention to these crazy drivers.

If I can easily spot these fools, why can’t law enforcement do the same, before more of us are slaughtered?

Dennis Gervais