This outmigration from the Middle East is nothing compared to what is coming.

If we can’t handle this, what will we do when the Himalayan glaciers all melt by 2050 and the great rivers watering southern Asia become seasonal?

Millions and millions of people will face starvation and will want to move to someplace where they can eat.

And that’s not even considering that many island nations and half of Bangladesh and Florida will be underwater.

This will probably be accompanied by wars for resources that will make the self-described Islamic State look like schoolkids.

Happily, at 81, I will not be around to see what will happen if we don’t do something dramatic about climate disruption in the next few years.

I pity all our kids and grandkids if the political climate of greed and denial does not get some sense and science knocked into its skull very soon.

Harvey Versteeg