Concerning the Iran nuclear accord, U.S. Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan has said the following:

“This deal allows Iran, under the same leadership that refers to the United States as the Great Satan and calls for the destruction of Israel, to enrich uranium on its own soil. This core concession is in many ways a stark departure from our country’s past nonproliferation policies, and it concerns me that this agreement could set a dangerous precedent …

“How can the United States say with moral authority that this deal is acceptable for Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, intent on regional hegemony, but deny it to others? …

“I am concerned that other nations will view this agreement with Iran as a change in U.S. policy and new precedent that may lead to increased global proliferation of nuclear enrichment and the potential for other nuclear threshold states to emerge.”

Debbie Stabenow, another U.S. senator from Michigan, said:

“I do share concerns about parts of the agreement, including how Iran could use funds from sanctions relief to continue funding Hezbollah and other terrorists around the world. It is clear that they have been funding those activities despite the crippling sanctions. And we are right to be concerned that additional funds from sanctions relief, or any other sources from other countries if this agreement is not approved, could be used to continue these outrageous activities.”

In spite of these words, both of these Democratic senators have announced that they support the deal. In some quarters, this is called “hedging your bets”; in less pristine quarters, it’s called “CYA.”

Feel safer now?

Terence McManus

New Sharon