How important are the traits of compassion for and faith in the people one governs? I can say, with great certainty, that Gov. LePage lacks those qualities, qualities that allow individuals to rise above their circumstances and better their lives.

I have been working very hard to get off SSDI, to get my health issues resolved and to go back to school so that I can have a career, restore my dignity and get off state and federal assistance.

I am in my second year at Southern Maine Community College and earning straight A’s.

This year, Gov. LePage cut off my MaineCare and my food stamps. I have used pantries when I am able, but I have no money for food. My prescription costs have increased. The food supplement program was the only resource I had to buy food. I was cut this year from $189 a month in food stamps to $16 a month.

In Gov. LePage’s war on those needing state and federal assistance, he has successfully obliterated services for individuals trying desperately to improve their circumstances, attain independence and achieve their dreams.

I believe that my plight is shared by many Mainers who no longer have the resources they need to move forward, to have the comfort of a meal on their table and the fuel to learn and thrive.

It seems almost too redundant and obvious to say that providing such services to those in need will create a reality in which many hardworking recipients can acquire skills, education and employment so that they no longer need public assistance.

Amy-Noelle Wingate