One of the lessons we can take away from the visit of Pope Francis is that it shows the stark contrast between his humility and caring for the poor to that of most of our politicians running for the presidency. They display their pettiness by exchanging insults and by their support of income inequality, opposing immigration, denying climate change, and by their support of capital punishment These politicians are chasing power, adulation and wealth.

The only presidential candidate who addresses these issues is, to my mind, Bernie Sanders.

The late psychology professor Abraham Maslow of Brandeis University has attempted to explain this with his Hierarchy of Needs Theory. In summary, he says: “If our basic needs are not routinely gratified, we will forever be on a search to have those needs fulfilled”. Maslow reasons that whenever a person’s basic needs are fully gratified, he then is ready to lead and help the less fortunate, by calling on the infinite Grace of God.

It is unfortunate that most self-actualized individuals will not run for public office. So, we are left with many individuals who are chasing power, wealth, and adulation and ignoring the needs of those below the poverty line, including the jobless and the homeless.

If one is concerned about income inequality, climate change , immigration, capital punishment and reasonable costs for prescription drugs, one might consider nominating Bernie Sanders.

Coleman P. Gorham