Re: “Letter to the editor: Photo show at UNE gallery in Portland merits spotlight” (Sept. 14):

It was a pleasure to see Arthur Fink’s letter of praise for the contemporary photography show at the University of New England Gallery off Stevens Avenue in Portland. I am equally disappointed that this exhibition did not receive the praise and attention it so rightly deserves!

I was fortunate to be at the highly successful opening, which was well attended, and I was delighted at the exhibition as the wonderful sum of all its parts.

The thoughtful selection of each of the pieces, the continuity and sequencing of groupings and the striking presentation of the body of work as a whole were a powerful statement on the importance of this.

I, too, would ask for this presentation to be reviewed, inasmuch as the exhibit continues through the end of October. “A Tale of Three Cities: Period and Contemporary Photographs of Paris, New York and Portland” really is a must-see!

William Shea