As a 30-plus-year resident of Portland, who has lived in the West End, Bayside, and now Parkside neighborhoods, I have seen our city grow in some great and some not-so-great ways. As Portland faces increasingly complex challenges, with issues ranging from our current heroin crisis to gentrification to livability issues, now more than ever we need a strong City Council to steward Portland’s future.

That is why I urge voters this November to support Democrat Wells Lyons in District 2. Wells, an entrepreneur and founder of Rogue Industries, is an advocate for helping small businesses in Portland thrive; such operations form the backbone of Portland’s culture and lifestyle. He also has developed specific ideas on how to address homelessness and addiction, including educating citizens to donate to organizations rather than feeding into the cycle of drug abuse. He also supports smart urban development, which is going to be key in maintaining Portland’s character and affordability.

Wells is not your “ordinary politician” – he really wants to make a difference and has a background deeply rooted in social justice. If you care about Portland and its future, vote for Wells.

Annie Wadleigh