Once more, I am asking for your help with a difficult situation.

I was recently walking in the woods behind my home. I own seven acres of land that has been surveyed twice. The surveyors posted my property with No Trespassing signs and pink ribbons. As I was looking for a land marker, I noticed that all the ribbons and signs had been removed in a particular area. There was a large metal tree stand attached to a tree for deer and bear hunting. There were also ATV tracks that had destroyed a large amount of the vegetation nearby.

I’ve had to request yet another survey, this time using trail paint.

I live in the area between the Whitten Hill Road, the Guinea Road and the Goose Rocks Road in Kennebunkport and my land is partially posted at this point. Yet anytime during the year I might hear gunshots, target practice, the cry of an injured animal (as I listened in horror a couple of mornings ago) or a story about baiting animals and the use of bows and arrows. This past winter, there were poachers on my land. I called the Kennebunkport police, who responded to that situation effectively.

I realize that land is posted along the Guinea Road going towards Goose Rocks Road and I was relieved to see that. However, I continue to hear gun shots from that area. My property is not too far beyond the Guinea Road and the mere thought of wildlife being disturbed, injured or killed will now haunt me at all times again this year.

I have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, as well as Asperger’s Autism, and gun shots terrify me.

The development of land not far from where I live is also overwhelmingly sad.

I am highly sensitive to many things, especially any type of harm done to animals, nature, wildlife and their habitat. I know that others in the neighborhood are upset by this as well.

I would like to pass on a plea to other neighbors in this area to please post and protect your beautiful property from trespassing, hunting, trapping and development as well. Disturbing natural habitat and animals upsets neighbors who may be highly sensitive to violence of any kind. The neighborhood is already being changed forever due to development.

Although there is little to be done in terms of development, I am requesting that this neighborhood be set aside as a “No Hunting” zone. No matter how safe hunters may be, there is the risk of accidents. This area is well populated now. There are many more children here now. Unfortunately, exploring the woods here is a dangerous proposition, due to the town’s allowance for hunting and trapping.

We need to preserve the beautiful low lands and wildlife here.

Everyone, please respect this request for assistance during these upcoming months and future years.

Thanks again to all who helped out last year and I appreciate the Board of Selectmen’s attention to this situation.

Karin Olson