Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald’s proposal to publish a list online of all those legally benefiting from welfare payments is but a reflection of the mean-spirited, vindictive and self-aggrandizing “leadership” of the current governor.

To single out a specific group of Maine residents for public “shaming” is also blatant and condescending discrimination. Would the mayor, in all fairness, agree to publishing online a list of all of the wealthy corporations and individuals who rob the coffers of the state by taking advantage of legal loopholes in the tax code? Not likely.

It is all the more glaringly shameful that the mayor’s proposal became public as the pope called for unity, compassion and responsible governance in the country and the world. Maine has had a proud tradition of leading the nation in its initiatives. One can only hope that such is not the case with the mayor’s denigrating and self-righteous proposal.

Janet Kehl