Does a good artist ever stop emerging?

By its very nature, the plodding path of an artist involves reinventing or recreating oneself with each new project. Whether making paintings, writing plays or leading an orchestra, creative people are driven not to rest and repeat but to challenge themselves and their audience.

The phrase “emerging artist” often refers to younger artists, just out of college and in the early stages of a long journey. And some artists do find their stride right away, offering brash ideas, energy and a new way of looking at things. Others toil for years or decades before they catch a community’s attention.

Art and creativity have been part of the culture of this region for centuries, and Maine often is seen by the larger world based on the art and images created by the people who live and work here. We see that in the stories of the artists profiled here, chosen because each, one way or another, is an emerging artist. They share a deep commitment to their art and an unwavering need to keep pushing forward.

They’re making an impact in their communities now, and we think they’ll continue doing so for years to come.