The Press Herald reported that under the direction of Commissioner Mary Mayhew, the Department of Health and Human Services has been ignoring the laws passed in 2012, which require an accounting of how money in the Fund for a Healthy Maine is spent. This is on the one hand outrageous and on the other not surprising.

It is merely a law, and the LePage administration is notorious for its choosiness in deciding which laws to follow and which to ignore. This administration obviously assumes that it can ignore any law that demands transparency in spending state funds, even one passed by a Republican Legislature.

One has to admire the bravado of Ms. Mayhew stating that “State government needs fewer studies and meetings and more action by lawmakers in eliminating wasteful spending and reprioritizing resources.”

It is curious that her distaste for studies and her concern about wasteful spending were not apparent when she authorized close to $1 million for Gary Alexander’s masterpiece of copy and paste.

Could we please have a DHHS commissioner who is willing to obey the law, and is actually focused on fulfilling the mission of that department and not on promoting her partisan agenda?

Neil Gallagher