Regarding your article “Arundel project beckons seasonal buyers” (Page A1, Sept. 30):

I have the misfortune of driving past that ravishment of the land several times a week. What was there has been blasted out of existence.

It is the height of greed and selfishness to build houses on open land that will be used only part of the year. It is a laughable myth that this part-time arrangement “means minimal impact on town services.” Those part-timers will have water, sewerage, electricity, cable, emergency services and roads that require maintenance just like everyone else’s.

“Seasonal communities” should be outlawed. They waste valuable open space and degrade adjacent waterways. And the loss of wildlife and vegetation? Those species were killed with the bulldozing and blasting; that local gene pool is gone forever.

The houses will undoubtedly have a monoculture of lawn grass. Heaven help us if the part-time residents all decide to spray for weeds, ticks, mosquitoes and whatever else is irking them. Is anyone else offended by the name “Cape Arundel Cottage Preserve”?

Once land is destroyed like this, there is no turning back. I just hope local towns are learning a lesson from this travesty and not drooling over the so-called “positive fiscal impact.”

No trees or other natural features visible from Route 1? You bet that’ll have an impact.

Susan A. Bloomfield

West Kennebunk

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