To better understand the potential view obstructions from the Portland Co. proposal, recently I walked up Fore Street, from Waterville Street (the bottom of the slope) to Atlantic Street (the top of the slope).

This walk, by the way, is our (and many others’) July Fourth route to the Eastern Promenade fireworks.

En route, you can see both out to sea and downhill to the ship channel and Portland Head Light.

We cannot allow the short-sighted profits of a few individuals to badly compromise this critical view. It belongs to the citizens of Portland and all future generations.

Further, from a business interest, Portland is now, and will likely continue to be, at least in part, a tourist town.

We need to preserve these vistas, which draw people and dollars to our little city.

Please vote “yes” on 2 on Nov. 3 to preserve what belongs to all of us.

Johanna Hart

Deering Center, Portland